👋 Hello there

I am Samar Syed, a Senior Product Designer (almost staff 😉) with a strong background in enterprise products currently working remotely at Insider (backed by Sequoia).
A passionate product designer who values creating meaningful experiences that can excel in usability, functionality and aesthetics.

To be great, just do good things repeatedly.

🕺 A Glimpse into My World

My interests are a bit all over the map. I'm into Personal Finance, Fitness, MMA, some armchair philosophy, and of course, I can never resist good food and a bit of travel. When I'm not busy with work, you'll probably find me buried in a book, learning something new, indulging in a YouTube video binge or looking for the perfect shawarma.

💸 🥊 🏛️ 🥘 ✈️ 🌯…

🚀 What Makes Me Tick
  • I find intellectual stimulation through my work deeply rewarding.

  • I value access to data and research resources, as well as the ability to contribute and use a design system.

  • I am drawn to genuinely kind individuals in a team that embrace a positive and growth-oriented mindset.

🌻 Navigating Personal Growth

This is where I get real and share my thoughts on my journey towards self-improvement. It's a space where I'm open about the areas I'm working on.


Balancing Independent Thinking and Collaboration

I embrace my non-conformist nature and approach tasks with a unique perspective. I hold strong opinions, but I am open to new insights. I believe in open communication, even when it challenges the status quo. Occasionally, this forthrightness may lead to differing viewpoints, but I am committed to fostering a collaborative environment where diverse ideas can thrive.

Spotting Colors
☎️ Let's Connect

I'm seeking my next adventure in the SaaS space, with a team that values a strong product strategy or is open to letting me shape it. And I'm always up for a chat with fellow design enthusiasts or anyone who loves a good conversation. Drop me a line at smsd34@gmail.com or connect with me on LinkedIn. Let's make something awesome happen!